Watsonville Union High School Class of 1961, 45 Year Reunion

Photos by Annette Hudson Rose, Bill and Diane George

September 23, 2006 at the Corralitos Community Center, Watsonville, Calif., USA
WUHS1961 Home

Annette Hudson Rose, Tana Bowen Roberts and Priscilla Baclig Hedgpeth

Produce for give-aways arranged by Henry Gong


Story Board

Story Board

Tana Bowen Roberts and Nick Alaga

Joan Terry Lohr and Dave Amrhein

Annette Hudson Rose, Myrle Tibbitts, Sharon Kusonovich Stevinson and Bonnie Wall Holtzclaw

Bob Stuart

David Wall and Bonnie Wall Holtzclaw

Charlie and Joanie Johnson

David Lieppe

David Slegel

George Langford

Henry Gong

Joan Terry Lohr & Sue Pitts Dodge

Joan Terry Lohr

Judy Nielsen Nunes, Juhree Fort, Joan Terry Lohr and Judy Pybrum Malmin

Judy Nielsen Nunes

Kathy Glenn Escobar and Wayne Holt

Tom and Nancy Pelich

Alan Goon and Fred Welch

Angie Correia

Mark, Angie Correia and Richard Sharon.

Annette's Photo Equipment

Barbara Miller Holt and Karin Konig Wode

Patti Erbe, Jim Stevinson, Sharon Kusanovich Stevinson and Diane George

Bill George and Sharon Humbird Alaga

Bob England

Bonnie Lowder

Charlotte Clayton

Dale Bassman

Do not enter sign on kitchen

Glen Hamada, Fred Welch (Mora) , Alan Goon, Johnnie Haney Sakata and Henry Gong



Henry Gong, Pat Kane and Jim Stevinson

Jean Wilt Pini and husband Dan

Jeff and Judy Pybrum Malmin

Joan Terry Lohr and Paul Miller

Johnnie Haney Sakata and Sherry Kinner Santi

Judy Pybrum Malmin, Susan Pitts Dodge and Wayne Holt

Juhree Fort and Hank Wempe (Mora)

Karen Nagel Ruiz and Linda Jolley Amrein

Karin Konig Wode and Bob Stuart

Melinda Fabry Marler and husband

Millie and John Cox (guests)

Richard Erbe, Nick Alaga and Hank Wempe

Roy Williamson

Sandra Edwards Furry, Melinda Fabry Marler and Linda Jolley Amrein

Sharon Wilson Carmichael and Kathy Glenn Escobar

Shirley Vetterli Gee and Daughter

WUHS1961 Home
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