Reunion History
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The 10th was at the Santa Cruz Elks and some of the guys got rowdy in the bar area, fought with the bartender and broke some glasses.  We were told that they would not rent to our class again.  Other than that, we had a good turnout and a good time.

We then had a 15th at the Kennedy Center out by Valley Catholic Church and across from St. Francis school on East Lake Avenue.  For some reason, the turnout was low so many of us invited friends so we could make our quota with the caterer.  It was a Country-Western evening with BBQ and live band.  Again, it was fun and the ones who didn't attend missed out.

The next one was the 25th at the Coconut Grove Grand Ballroom at the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz.  It was GREAT!  The turnout was fantastic and the band we hired, Shaboom from San Jose was the best.  Karin Konig, our foreign exchange student in our senior year, came with her husband.  Actually, her 5 children came for the week and stayed at a condo in Pajaro Dunes.  The evening was almost flawless!!

We had a 35th at the Santa Cruz Elk's again.  They had forgotten about our 10th.  The skit that evening was highlight of the evening.  Thanks to several committee members, they agreed to dress up in costumes to recreate some times from our high school days.  They were great sports and everyone enjoyed reminiscing.  There were tears in several eyes when Sharon (Kusanovich) Stevinson came into the room wearing a re-creation of her prom dress with elbow length gloves and a tiara.  She was escorted by her hubby, Jim, wearing a white sports coat and a pink carnation.  Talk about déjà vu.

Lastly, was the 40th on September 22nd this year.  Again at the Santa Cruz Elks.  I think everyone attending really needed to reconnect with old friends, especially with what our country was experiencing.

For some reason, we didn't have a 20th.  I was living in Nevada at the time and out of the loop.  We tried to plan a 30th, but just as we were having to reserve a place the Gulf War erupted and we were uncertain how long that would go on and if it would hinder people's decision to attend---so we stopped the plans and looked to the 35th.

So, that makes 5 reunions in 40 years!      

Tana Bowen Roberts 11/10/2001

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