Watsonville Union High School Class of 1961 - About this web site

About this web site

2010 Update: Our 50th anniversary is being planned by the same people that brought you the 40th and 45th reunions. Stay tuned for details.

This is the official Web Site for the Watsonville High School, Watsonville, California, USA, Class of 1961. 

The web site was installed shortly after the 40th reunion in 2001 by some interested '61 Classmates. It was updated after our 45th reunion that took place on 9/23/06.

The attendees of the 40th reunion of Watsonville Union High School, Class of 1961, celebrated at the Elks Lodge in Santa Cruz, California, USA on September 22, 2001. A few of us were so motivated about it we put up this web site.

In order to keep up with our '61 classmates, we need your name, address, phone, e-mail and a mini-bio. If you wish to, could you e-mail that information to Tana Bowen Roberts? The addresses and phone numbers will be kept confidential, between classmates only, but the e-mail address and bio will be added to the web site and you'll be added to our mail list. You may, of course have your information treated confidentially (no web site listing) if you prefer..

The WUHS '61 40th Reunion Committee was Richard Erbe, Dorothy Fenoglio, Juhree Fort, Priscilla Baclig Hedgpeth, Tana Bowen Roberts and Sharon Kusanovich Stevinson. They deserve a lot of appreciation for organizing the reunion, especially Tana, the "Ringleader".

Photos of the In Memoriam memory board from the 40th reunion were uploaded so we could remember classmates who are no longer with us. 

There were twenty 1961 classmates who married and their names were added to the web site.

If you supply it, we will add your biographical Information to the web site. A couple of paragraphs would be about the right size. Carol Clinesmith got this going in 2001 and any updates will be added to it by emailing them to Tana (Bowen) Roberts.

Some pictures of our 1961 graduation, 25th35th and 40th Class Reunions were uploaded to the web site.

There were three Memory Boards assembled by Barbara Miller Holt for the 40th reunion that bring back a lot of memories,

On November 24th, a second set of 40th reunion pictures from Judy Nielsen Nunes was added and a whatever happened to...? page was created.

The email list, photos and memory board were updated after the the 45th reunion. Please refresh your browser when you visit next, to make sure you see the latest version..

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